Greens: Tories are taking wrecking ball to economy and living standards

The Tories are “taking a wrecking ball our economy and living standards” according to the Scottish Greens, who have accused them of economic vandalism and incompetence. This follows the Bank of England’s decision to hike interest rates, the biggest rise for 14 years.

The Scottish Greens’ finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

“The Tories have shown a total disregard for the brutal consequences of their ineptitude and economic mismanagement. 

“Whether it is the soaring prices we are seeing on supermarket shelves, the skyrocketing energy bills that are plunging millions into poverty or their reckless failure to control interest rates or inflation. These are not just abstract numbers. They are people’s lives and wellbeing. It is economic vandalism. They are taking a wrecking ball to our economy and to living standards.

“We may have a new Prime Minister and Chancellor, but their solution is to double down on the same ideas which have brought us to this point. Only this morning they announced further benefit cuts and austerity for part-time workers at the same time as they are planning tax cuts for their rich friends and removing the cap on bankers’ bonuses.

“Scotland has already suffered 12 painful years of Tory rule that we did not vote for. We cannot afford any more. With the powers of independence we can take a better path and build a recovery that works for people and the planet, rather than a Tory Britain run only for the benefit of the rich and powerful.”