Greener and warmer homes can save lives

We must change the way we heat our homes.

A startling new report from Greenpeace underlines the urgent need for a home heating revolution, says the Scottish Greens climate spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP.

Mr Ruskell’s comments come as a report from Greenpeace reveals that on average 58 people have died every day in the UK in the winter due to cold homes since the Tory government at Westminster cut support for home insulation in 2013. 

The cut, part of the then Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, drive to ‘cut the green crap’ has also seen bills soar, adding £2.5 billion to household bills by 2022, according to Carbon Brief.

Mr Ruskell has said that these findings underline exactly why we need to urgently expand home insulation and change the way we heat our homes.

The Scottish Government, led by Scottish Green minister Patrick Harvie, is currently preparing its Heat in Buildings Bill, following a recent consultation.

Mark Ruskell MSP said: “This report is really shocking and underlines the urgent need for change. Cold homes are costing lives. With skyhigh energy prices, far too many are being forced to choose between having a warm home and feeding their families.

“Heating our homes should not cost the earth. Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and shifting to clean heating systems are both critical to hitting our climate targets and building a fairer, greener Scotland.

“By ramping up insulation and delivering a home heating revolution we can reduce bills and have warmer, greener neighbourhoods that work for people and planet.

“This is something all parties should be able to work together constructively to deliver. But we are seeing game playing being put ahead of tackling the climate crisis and fuel poverty.

“Changing the way we heat our homes is a win-win for all of us. It will help us to meet our net zero targets, while creating thousands of new careers in renewables and supporting a greener, cleaner economy that will meet the needs of the future.”

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