Heat in Buildings proposals a ‘game changer’ for households and climate

By transforming the way we heat our homes we can deliver a better future for people and planet.

The Scottish Government’s proposed Heat in Buildings bill can be a ‘game changer’ for households and families across Scotland, and for our climate, says the Scottish Greens housing spokesperson Ariane Burgess MSP.

Ms Burgess was commenting following a parliamentary statement by the Scottish Green Minister, and party co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP, who was launching consultation proposals for the bill.

The proposals focus on improving the energy efficiency of our homes and changing to clean heating systems. At present, around one fifth of all of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our buildings. 

Scotland offers the most generous package of support anywhere in the UK: a £7500 grant for switching to a heat pump; with similar help for energy efficiency work.

Ms Burgess said: “This is a really important bill and could be a game changer for households and families across Scotland, and for our climate. It is a bold and ambitious but measured plan to transform the way we heat our homes, and will be key to hitting our climate targets.

“The energy market is broken and is leaving far too many with sky high bills. By improving home insulation and hugely expanding the use of clean energy like heat pumps and heat networks, we can have greener climate-friendly homes that don’t cost the earth and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

“It is one of the most crucial pieces of legislation that this Parliament will consider, and the potential rewards are huge. We only have to look to Scandinavia, where clean heat is a normal part of everyday life. 

“I hope that as many people as possible engage with the bill and the proposals, and use the support available to make the transition to a greener home.”

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