GERS: Scotland needs powers to build fairer, greener economy

Responding to today’s GERS report, Scottish Greens Finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

“We are at a crossroads, facing the biggest social and environmental crises for generations. The decisions we make now will have consequences for years to come. That is why it should be Scotland making those decisions."

“With the powers of independence, Scotland could make better choices and take the action that is needed to build a fairer, greener and better recovery that works for people and the planet."

“Basic powers, like the ability to raise the minimum wage and make corporations pay their fair share of tax, would finally sit with the Scottish Government rather than cruel, incompetent and unaccountable Westminster governments that we did not vote for and cannot remove."

“The deficit is down and the record level of revenue collected in Scotland is enough to cover all of our day-to-day devolved spending and social security spending, including the state pension."

“GERS makes clear the vast natural resources that Scotland enjoys, but also the many ways that we are being held back by years of cuts, austerity and terrible economic decisions from Westminster."

“It is ordinary people who are being made to suffer from soaring prices on supermarket shelves and skyrocketing bills, all while the super-rich get even richer and corporations are allowed to just sit on the obscene profits they have collected at the public’s expense."

“Boris Johnson and his cronies know the impact of the choices they are making. They know that they are plunging hundreds of thousands of families into destitution and poverty, but they simply don’t care.”