FMQs: Greens pledge to work constructively to tackle cost of living

Scottish Greens will work with anyone in councils to tackle the cost of living and the climate crisis.

In FMQs Scottish Greens MSP Gillian Mackay highlighted the constructive approach by the party in Holyrood, which has delivered free bus travel for young people, free school meals for primary children, more than doubling of the Scottish Child Payment, the biggest investment in energy efficiency in the UK and support for councils to mitigate the cruel impact of the benefit cap.

Gillian Mackay said: “The cost of living crisis and the climate emergency are urgent issues that affect us all and require political parties to work together. That’s why Greens have entered government and secured a step change in funding to mitigate the cruel benefit cap, improve recycling and public transport.

“This work will be delivered and carried on by Greens in councils, seeking constructive dialogue with all parties.

“Of course, the Scottish Conservatives cannot be constructive. A Tory hard Brexit has hit food supplies, Tory social security cuts have hit household budgets and Tory obsession with fossil fuels has led to soaring energy bills. People are struggling with a cost of living crisis that is entirely of the UK Government’s making.

“What’s more, the Scottish Conservatives put road building and fossil fuel expansion at the heart of their campaign, denying the clear scientific evidence from the UN.

“Constructive politics should be done at all levels of government, and Scottish Greens in councils can play a greater role if people use their first preference vote wisely tomorrow.”

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