An independent Scotland can abolish the monarchy and be a democracy

Scotland can be an independent republic with an elected head of state.

The abolition of the monarchy and its replacement with an elected head of state would be an exciting opportunity for Scotland, according to Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater.

Speaking at the Rally for a Republic on Carlton Hill this afternoon Lorna will call out the ill-gotten wealth and unaccountable power of the royal family, and speak of the chance to replace them with an elected head of state who can speak up for the powerless.

Lorna Slater MSP will say:

“The pomp and regalia on display today in London consists not just of literal stolen artefacts, but represents the stolen lives, cultures and communities that the British royal family took from countries around the globe on their imperial quest.

“Regardless of its source, vast wealth is never harmless - it creates a distortion in the power system. You can’t have vast wealth and effective democracy living side by side, because vast wealth gives you the power to distort that democracy - especially when you are the head of state…

“I want a head of state who can reach out beyond party political divides and express something real and passionate about who we are as a society.

“Someone who can unite us in the collective fight against the climate emergency.

“Someone who is a figurehead for peace, rather than sponsoring troops going into war.

“Someone who can speak up for the powerless as well as tackling the abuses of power that come from the top.

“That’s the exciting opportunity we will face, when Scotland becomes an independent republic.”

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