Dear New Voter...

Next Thursday will be the first time that 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote in local council elections. I want young peoples voice to be heard loud and clear at this election. Your vote really matters. I am asking you to Vote Green next Thursday and send a message to politicians that they need to do more to help you build a better future for yourself and other young people.

There is so much at stake for your future. We are living through a period with few jobs, student debt is a real problem and housing costs are spiralling out of control. Council cuts to education and youth services also means that young people are not getting the support and opportunities you all deserve.

I grew up in St Leonards, live in Calderwood and went to Calderglen High School and I have a strong track record of working to our improve our community. I'm passionate about young people having a far greater say in council services and decisions. Green Councillors across Scotland have fought for more jobs, investment in schools, safer streets, more social housing and better parks.

As your councillor, I would:

  • Develop a South Lanarkshire Guarantee: a work, training or education place for every school leaver
  • Create jobs by investing in public services and local apprenticeship schemes
  • Improve parks and leisure facilities and give young people more say about how they are run
  • Campaign to introduce private rent controls and build more social housing
  • Give more support to young carers
  • Push to keep class sizes down and replace teachers and support staff lost to cuts, including more support for young people with additional needs

Please use your vote on May 4th, go along to your polling station and place a number 1 beside Kirsten Robb on the ballot paper to elect me as your Scottish Green Party Councillor.

If you have any questions or to let me know what issues are important to you, please get in touch and I will get back to you. Our manifesto for young people is here