Young Greens Manifesto

Local Manifesto 2017

It has never been more important to put power in your hands. The councillors election in 2017 will be faced with the challenge of meeting the demands of a hugely energy democracy in Scotland. The Scottish Young Green candidates are committed to placing the power in your hands and making sure you – as a citizen, a young person and a community – have the opportunity to play a greater role in the decision that affect your life.

We have Young Greens not only standing, but organising campaigns and knocking on doors across the country. We want to talk to Young People about making local authorities not just an entity your gran phones up to complain about bins, but a service that young people are empowered to interact with in a more accessible way. As part of our communities, we should be able to have our say – and be heard – when it comes to issues such as education, green spaces and community amenities.

We are members of our communities that are often overlooked when it comes to inclusivity in decision making and the choices made from that: Scottish Young Green councillors can reshape the influence we as young people can have to create inclusive, sustainable and social just communities.

Our commitments

  • Protecting services

    Councils educate young people, provide care and support services to people, and make our neighbourhoods better places to live. Green councillors will continue to fight to protect and improve these services.

  • Connecting communities

    Councils can help build our communities. Green councillors will help to connect people with a thriving local economy, strengthen neighbourhoods with good services and celebrations of local identity, and connect places with better public transport.

  • Creating homes

    Councils help create the places and neighbourhoods where we live. Green councillors want them to be safe, green and attractive places.

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