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Anne Thomas is an environmental activist who joined the Scottish Green Party in 2011. She was born in South West England but is ethnically half Scottish and has spent 18 years in Scotland, the last 12 on the Black Isle. She stood in Council, European and Westminster and Holyrood elections, which involved many hustings and much canvassing and also writes on various topics. She is a part time Speech and Language Therapist working with children with additional support needs in the Nairn area and member of Unite.

She is a Director of environmental group, Transition Black Isle, Secretary of Highland Cycle Campaign and local co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth. She has organised demonstrations, public meetings and run numerous stalls, for both Green Party and other Environmental Groups. In the run up to the EU referendum she took time off to run a Remain stall on Inverness High St and was very disappointed at the result of the vote. She supports a People’s vote and an Independent Scotland as the best way of protecting people and planet.

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