Thu 31 Mar, 2022

We need to shake-up a culture of backroom decision making and cover-ups and set out an ambitious vision for Orkney like the one outlined in our manifesto. Kristopher Leask

On the 29th of March, The Orkney Greens launched their election manifesto for the Orkney Islands Council elections on 5 May 2022.

At the core of the Orkney Greens manifesto is the necessity to tackle the climate crisis in a way which maximises the opportunities that arise from the transition to net-zero by 2030. Core issues such as fuel poverty, housing and sustainable transport need urgent attention which requires ambitious leadership.


The Greens’ vision is to future-proof Orkney for the 21st Century and take a new approach to local government. Greens are determined that Orkney’s unlimited potential is not squandered by a lack of ambition, leadership, or an unwillingness to do things differently. Orkney’s population is ageing rapidly, and more opportunities are needed to retain our young folk. Both issues need careful thought to tackle such barriers as the unavailability of housing. Greens would also like Orkney to attract young people and families to contribute to our island society and economy as residents in a dynamic community.


Kristopher Leask, Orkney Greens’ candidate for the Ward of Kirkwall West and Orphir, said ‘We have a huge opportunity in Orkney to make the most of the transition to Net-Zero. This is our chance to do things differently, set ourselves up for the coming decades, and make Orkney a more prosperous and sustainable community. We are facing a crisis in housing whereby local people are priced out, and existing housing urgently needs retrofitted. A fresh approach is sorely needed to local government in Orkney instead of the constant firefighting and cover-up culture. I strongly believe that the Orkney Greens can reinvigorate the Councillor ranks who have largely lost the faith of the public.”

He continued ‘It's possible in the post-election future to imagine a changed OIC with climate actions and the community at the heart of its decision-making. We need to shake-up a culture of backroom decision making and cover-ups and set out an ambitious vision for Orkney like the one outlined in our manifesto. In it are a range of policies, ideas, and ambitions detailing to folk exactly what we support and what our priorities are. There are huge opportunities for Orkney ahead, and it’s down to voters to decide whether they want five more years of the same old, same old, or a fresh approach and a reinvigorated OIC.”

The Orkney Greens will field five candidates in the forthcoming OIC election Wards on 5 May:

Maia Brodie: Stromness and South Isles

Helen Woodsford-Dean: West Mainland

Kristopher Leask: Kirkwall West and Orphir

Eric Page: East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray

John Ross Scott: Kirkwall East

Click here to read: PDF icon The Orkney Greens Manifesto.pdf


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Kris Leask stands in Kirkwall West and Orphir

Thu 31 Mar, 2022

The Orkney Greens have announced their fifth and final candidate, Kristopher Leask, 22, of St Ola, as their candidate in the forthcoming OIC election on 5 May in the Kirkwall West and Orphir Ward.

A young Green candidate, Kristopher attended Glaitness Primary and KGS, before going on to study International Relations at the University of St. Andrews. He has worked at EMEC following his undergraduate studies and is now working with Scottish Green MSP Ariane Burgess while completing a Masters in Renewable Energy Development at Heriot Watt in Stromness.

Roddy MacKay stands in Benbecula, South Uist and Eriskay

Sat 19 Mar, 2022

Since 2017 I have been fortunate enough to represent the islands of North Uist and Benbecula at the Comhairle but with the new boundary changes that now means I will no longer be able to represent North Uist or Berneray. I wish to thank everyone who has supported me since 2017 and for the lovely messages of support I’ve received in the last week in particular.