Maggie Chapman: "We are citizens of the world."

Maggie Chapman

This is the text of my speech to Scottish Greens Conference 2016, Saturday 22nd October. I had the honour of sharing the stage with two great green women: Ska Keller, and Anni Pues.

Good morning friends.

Communities must have far greater control over their local affairs

Andy Wightman MSP

The Scottish Green Party is holding its annual conference in Perth. It will be a rather different affair to the first one I attended 20 years ago when I addressed the conference in the lounge of an Aberfeldy Guest House.

With a surge in membership and enhanced political representation, we are particularly looking forward to the 2017 local elections and the opportunity to elect many more Green councillors across Scotland to help build sustainable communities and strengthen local democracy.

Patrick Harvie: "Join our cause"

Patrick Harvie

Mark called these extraordinary political times and I was going to begin by suggesting that 2016 might just be the weirdest year in modern politics - it has been bizarre. I think my greatest sympathies this year go out to Charlie Brooker, whose Screenwipe for the year is going to have to be about six hours long in order to fit everything in! We've watched throughout the UK as – for example – the Labour Party continues on its apparent course toward meltdown. MPs who seem to want a leadership election as often as UKIP have one!

Shift in spending needed to shift public health away from a crisis

Alison Johnstone MSP

In the run-up to the independence referendum in 2014, a question I posed pretty regularly at town hall debates across Scotland was what kind of country do we want to live in. I find myself posing that question again this week in response to a report by Cancer Research.

The report says that during the last decade almost 83,000 Scots children started primary school overweight or obese. We have one of the heaviest populations in Europe, with two in three adults overweight or obese. We spend more than a quarter more than other UK nations on sugar-laden fizzy drinks.

It is time for all schools to adopt a city-wide policy on anti-bullying

Andy Wightman MSP

Bullying has probably always been a feature of school life over the years but with renewed attention on children’s welfare and human rights, renewed efforts are being made to eradicate this despicable offence. In 2007, the Scottish Government established Respectme, Scotland’s anti-bullying service which is delivered by the Scottish Association of Mental Health in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland.

Blocking UCG is just the start of Scotland's energy future

Patrick Harvie

The Scottish Government’s decision to ban Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is first and foremost a victory for people power. But it also speaks to the wider energy choices Scotland must face in the near future.

From the outset, the whole idea of setting undersea coal seams alight seemed like an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

We cannot allow inhumane treatment of refugees to continue

Patrick Harvie

Scotland, and Glasgow in particular, has a long history of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.

GPs, nurses & pharmacists must have resources to prevent a crisis

Alison Johnstone MSP

The decision of the UK government to impose a contract on junior doctors in England has led to an ongoing employment battle that shows no signs of ending soon. In Scotland the symptoms of our own GP crisis are developing.

Council Tax Proposals Breach International Law

Andy Wightman MSP

The Scottish Government has published plans to change the amounts of Council Tax paid by the occupiers of houses in Bands E,F, G and H and the Local Government and Communities Committee is seeking evidence on the reforms (you can read the evidence here).

My journey from No to Yes

Claire Miller

People take me for Scottish because of my Borders accent, my cultural norms, and my peely-wally skin. But as with most folk, my nationality is more complex than meets the eye. My family are all from England and I was born in the north west of England, but I was raised in Scotland and don’t remember living anywhere else. 

Growing up a Borders lass, I was used to going back and forth from Berwickshire (in Scotland) to Berwick (in England), and I feel really strongly that emphasising the line between two countries does more to divide than unite them. 

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