Support the campaign against the proposed Oldhall Incinerator and the lack of consultation by the developers and authorities. Send your objection to the Scottish Envirpnmental Protection Agency (SEPA) today.

The Oldhall Energy From Waste (EFW) facility was granted planning permission by North Ayrshire Council in 2019, before the Scottish Greens joined government and delivered a ban on new incinerators. If built, it will process 180,000 tonnes of commercial waste per year, most of which will be transported by road from other parts of Scotland.

There are a number of reasons why the facility should not go ahead:

  • Since planning permission was granted the Scottish Government has adopted a moratorium against new incinerators, justifying a reconsideration of proposals like at Oldhall which had already been granted permission but not yet been built
  • Local residents already experience higher than average levels of respiratory disease and that there are fears that this could rise as a result of an incinerator operating nearby
  • Concerns have been raised about overcapacity and whether the plant is actually required, given the overall position that further incineration capacity is not required in Scotland
  • Evidence shows that waste incinerators produce immense volumes of greenhouse gases and disincentivise recycling and reuse
  • There has been limited public consultation by the developers and authorities both before and after permission was granted. Local residents have been denied adequate opportunity to have their say.

The Scottish Greens support local communities in calling for this proposal to be dropped by the developer, or for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to refuse it an operating license. You can support the campaign by emailing SEPA to ask that they refuse permits for this incinerator.

Let's stand united against the proposed incinerator and protect our environment, health, and community for current and future generations. Object to the Oldhall incinerator today.


Send an email to SEPA today to stop the Oldhall Incinerator.

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