Tell Perth and Kinross Councillors to stop the Cross Tay Link Road Plans!

The Cross Tay Link Road would destroy the local environment, worsen air pollution and public health, whilst doing nothing to relieve congestion. Take action and help us to stop it and secure investment in public transport instead.

Concerns over the Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR) have been raised by local communities groups, by NHS Tayside via their Director of Public Health, and local politicians. The Cross Tay Link Road will most likely lead to an increase in air pollution and congestion in one of Scotlands most polluted areas. We’re calling on Perth and Kinross Councillors to stop the CTLR application and reject this dangerous proposal.  

There are a number of legitimate and significant concerns around air quality and the impact this development will have on local community’s health and wellbeing. 

NHS Tayside's director of public health Drew Walker has sent Perth and Kinross Council an amended response to its application to build the Cross Tay Link Road, this time confirming he has multiple concerns about the project including:  

  • the negative health impacts it will likely have on people living or working near it, especially vulnerable people including children 
  • the road bisecting the planned Scone North development "driving a wedge through a community" and
  • the alleged "reporting bias" contained in the 'Population and Human Health Assessment' disregarding the concerns raised by a number of communities. Concerns have also been raised by SNH, Woodland Trust and Scottish Water.

The Scottish Greens' Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell has called for Perth & Kinross Council consign the controversial £118 million project to the dustbin after the Scottish Government released figures for 2018 which confirmed the country’s overall carbon emissions increased rather than decreased that year.

"Major road building projects like the CTLR only make space for more cars and study after study has shown they increase emissions from transport. Meanwhile, the shift in our lives brought about as a result of the pandemic has given us a unique opportunity to review our transport priorities. It’s time to scrap the link road plans and start investing in ways that reduce traffic in and around Perth instead", Mark said.


Tell Perth and Kinross Councillors to stop the CTLR Plans!

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