Wed 29 Aug, 2018

Child poverty is expected to rise to 37% by 2022 but local action can play a huge part in tackling this issue, so lets come together on the 6th of September and revers this trend. Kirsten Robb & Iain Hughes

June saw the South Lanarkshire Greens host a very interesting event with Darren McGarvey and Twimukye Mushaka discussing the causes and effects of child poverty.

Read about it here- 

To keep the momentum moving forward on this very important topic, we are having a planning session on Thursday 6th September, 7:30pm in the Lounge in the Righead United Reform Church, Carnegie Hill, East Kilbride.

Everyone is invited and we would love to see a busy room to develop positive action together… for the short and long term to address our child poverty locally. This event will have two main items on the agenda.

1. Challenge Poverty Week. This is the first week in October and it would be good if we could organise an event or campaign for this week. And also highlight and address child poverty specifically in East Kilbride.

2. Longer term planning. To identify particular aspects of the causes and effects of child poverty in East Kilbride. And how over the next few years we can campaign together to target these and offer genuine help. 

If you can come along, drop Kirsten an email so we can plan for the event. If you have any ideas at all that would help but are unable to attend, please email and we can share them at the meeting. Thanks!

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Wed 27 Jun, 2018

South Lanarkshire Greens hosted an evening bringing together about 40 people from the East Kilbride area concerned about the rising levels of child poverty. Currently 26% of children in Scotland live in poverty. With the introduction of benefit caps, Universal Credit, two child limits for child benefit, and cost of living increasing this is forecast to increase to 37% by 2022 .

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With 30% of children in the UK now born into poverty and with around one in five children in East Kilbride living in poverty (1), organisers of a free talk (2) are hosting an event with some top speakers to explore the issue and what else can be done. 


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South Lanarkshire Greens have raised concerns after hearing complaints by SLC Facility staff that they have had to come in to work in schools on the recent severe weather warning days, despite police warnings stating that the public should only travel if absolutely essential, due to a risk to life. This is despite the fact that children and teachers throughout South Lanarkshire were given three 'snow days' off from Wednesday to Friday last week as schools closed.