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Are the left wing of the SNP better aligned to the Scottish Green Party?

Brian Finlay Sun 28 Jan, 2018

Ask any Scottish Green Party (SGP) activist and they will tell you that we get the usual “I vote SNP so we can get independence” or “I support the Greens but we need to get independence first” rhetoric. The SNP receive the largest share of the pro-independence vote but a huge chunk of their voters are on the left of the party’s policies and political position of ‘centre-left’. It could be asserted that these voters would be better placed aligning themselves with the SGP who have ambitious policy to eradicate poverty and land ownership to name just two.

Universal Basic Income: tackling inequality and the automation of work….

Brian Finlay Thu 18 Jan, 2018

I am happy to read more positive coverage of Universal Basic Income (UBI) especially links with the current state of the economy and work as a solution to our problems. I write about this topic as it has had a huge amount of coverage mostly positive, apart from The Times writer Kenny Farquharson who labelled UBI as ‘state pocket money’, in most papers and political blogs.

Tory Party has a less than proud history of LGBTIQ support

Brian Finlay Sun 14 Jan, 2018

After reading Paul Hutcheon’s interesting interview with Tory MSP Annie Wells on her experiences of homophobic bullying I felt both sympathetic and angry simultaneously (Meet the working-class girl from Glasgow who was bullied at school for being gay and became the nicest Tory in Hollywood). I can understand and relate to some of the torment she endured at school as I too am a gay person.

Will pro-UK parties contribute anything positive in the Scottish Budget?

Brian Finlay Sun 14 Jan, 2018

As the fine tuning of the Scottish Budget looms we have already seen spectacular tribalism from pro-UK parties. Scottish Labour have stated they will produce a document detailing what they would if they were in power; great but they are not in power. The SNP are operating a minority government, which pro-UK parties love to point out when it suits them, which means some consensus will have to be made with another party in the chamber for it to pass.

Stop playing political football with the NHS!

Brian Finlay Sun 14 Jan, 2018

I have just read a stream of tweets from Scottish Labour, Scottish Tories and SNP about the current situation and performance of NHS Scotland. Now, I got really frustrated as I have just gone through both the English and Scottish NHS systems in the past week due to sustaining an injury whilst in Blackpool over the New Year. This blog is not to compare the two health services at all, but how politics of performance management and the use of scientific management to set targets is wrong and not appropriate for healthcare.

Does Scotland really not want immigration devolved to Holyrood? Surely aye!?

Brian Finlay Sun 14 Jan, 2018

After reading several articles quoting John Curtice’s findings from his study on Scots attitudes to Brexit, and specifically to freedom of movement and immigration, I was surprised by the outcome and what was covered in the national press.

How Can We Make Rutherglen Better

Wed 15 Nov, 2017

Scottish Green Party Co-convenor and Rutherglen Reformer columnist Patrick Harvie MSP visited Rutherglen this week.

Mr Harvie represents the Glasgow region, which includes Rutherglen & Cambuslang to Chair a public meeting on "How Can We Make Rutherglen Better?". Joining him on the panel was Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament Amy Lee Fraioli who has been MSYP for Rutherglen since 2015 and local activist Brian Finlay who is also the Green candidate for the upcoming Rutherglen North & Central Council By-election. 

Green Candidate Calls For Greater Support For Citizens Advice Bureau

Wed 15 Nov, 2017

Brian Finlay, the Scottish Green Candidate in the Rutherglen North & Central by-election visited the headquarters of Rutherglen and Cambuslang Citizens Advice Burea last week and has vowed to fight for funding to secure the future of the organisation.

Greens Launch Campaign to Elect South Lanarkshire's First Green Councillor

Tue 31 Oct, 2017

South Lanark Greens were on Rutherglen Main Street on Friday to launch their campaign to replace Labour's Ged Killen on South Lanarkshire Council, council who stood down after being elected MP, with local activist Brian Finlay.

The Greens hope to repeat the success they achieved at Mays local elections where they increased their number of Councillors nationally and elected councillors in nearby Govan and Dennistoun for the first time.

East Kilbride can be the 'Town of Tomorrow' - again

Tue 14 Mar, 2017

Once dubbed the 'Town of Tomorrow', local Greens say that East Kilbride can be the best again if we make the right investments, build a strong local economy and renew local democracy.

'East Kilbride, Town of Tomorrow', is the name of a film made about our pioneering New Town. People came from all over the world to see town planning at its best. Scottish Greens Council candidate, Kirsten Robb, is urging local people and decision makers at all levels to build on the town's legacy in its 70th anniversary year, to be pioneering once again and to give the town a new lease of life.