St Fittick’s Park and Doonie’s Rare Breed Farm provide vital green space and family recreation for the people of Aberdeen. They’re also home to a diverse and beautiful array of plants and wildlife. But they’re under threat after being zoned for development, with public money being made available to help destroy them. Together we can save these beautiful and important places! Take action now.

Aberdeen City Council has re-zoned the sites of St Fittick’s Park and Doonie’s Rare Breed Farm, opening both to industrial development as part of a proposed Energy Transition Zone. Email the Minister now to demand that he save St Fittick's Park and Doonie's Farm.

St Fittick’s Park contains an area of restored wetlands, a vital and threatened habitat for many species, and is the only accessible green space left for the community to enjoy. St Fittick’s Park is an award-winning site, with the wetland restoration project being awarded by the Herald Society Awards, RSPB's Nature of Scotland Award, The River Restoration Centre, and more.

We are in a Nature Emergency with one in nine species in Scotland are under threat, and need to protect these habitats, not lose them.

Doonie’s Farm is the only urban farm in Aberdeen, providing an educational resource for the city’s young people, a place where rare breeds can be maintained and a place that offers the community mental well-being support, through animal therapy. Doonie’s Farm is a much-loved part of the city, with many families enjoying the experience of interacting with the animals that call the farm home. 

The Scottish Government has pledged £26 million to the Energy Transition Zone. Locally, residents support the transition away from fossil fuels but oppose the destruction of St Fittick’s Park and Doonie’s Farm.

The Scottish Greens are calling for existing industrial locations in Aberdeen to be used instead as part of a socially and environmentally just transition to renewables.

You can help by flooding the Cabinet Secretary responsible with emails asking him to ensure access to this funding is conditional on the use of existing industrial sites, there is a clear commitment to engage the community in the siting of the Energy Transition Zone, and these biodiverse greenspaces are protected. 

Email the Cabinet Secretary to Save St Fittick’s and Doonie’s Farm. Please add your name at the end of the email.

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