Scottish Greens are calling for Greenfield House to be used or transferred back to the community

Greenfield House in Alloa used to be the headquarters of the local authority. But since it was sold to Kapital Residential Ltd. in 2014, it’s been left to deteriorate into an unsafe eyesore. 

The B-listed building is situated right in the middle of Greenfield Park in the centre of Alloa. It has huge potential to be put to good use – but the current owners don’t seem to care. Over the years local residents have grown increasingly concerned as its fallen into disrepair, visible even to passing traffic. 

Now the community is concerned that the building has become so unsafe that it could cause injury to anyone who wanders in, and presents a fire hazard. We think it’s time to let Kapital Residential Ltd. know what we want to see happen. Use our campaign tool to get in touch with them direct. We’re calling for Kapital Residential to:

-Secure the site of Greenfield House effectively, to ensure safety by preventing unauthorised access.

-Come to a public meeting or otherwise give the community an update and explain their plans for the building. 

-If they intend to go on doing nothing, to agree to sell or transfer the building back for community use. 

Write to Kapital Residential Ltd. with your concerns - remember to add your name to the end before sending!

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