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St Patrick's Day message of solidarity from Irish Greens shows power of co-operation in Europe

Sat 17 Mar, 2018

The leader of the Irish Green Party today (17 Mar) issued a St Patrick's Day message of solidarity to Scottish Greens meeting at their Spring conference in Greenock.

In a video message, Eamon Ryan TD (member of the Irish Parliament), former cabinet minister and leader of the Irish Greens since 2011, says there is "real strength" in the Green movement across Europe and by working together Greens can minimise the harm that Brexit will do.

Eamon said:

Change is inevitable, and the Scottish Greens are leading that change in Scottish politics, says Chapman

Sat 17 Mar, 2018

Change is inevitable, and the Scottish Greens are leading that change in Scottish politics, the party’s co-convener Maggie Chapman will today (17 Mar) tell delegates at their Spring conference in Greenock.

Glasgow Airport Green MSPs Urge Public to Make Views Heard on Flightpath Changes

Fri 16 Mar, 2018

Glasgow and West Green MSPs Patrick Harvie and Ross Greer are urging those living in communities affected by Glasgow Airport’s proposed flightpath changes such as Bearsden & Milngavie to make their voice heard by responding to the ongoing consultation.

#SGPConf: Leading Greens in Britain & Ireland commit to campaigning to re-join the EU

Sun 11 Mar, 2018

Leading figures from the Green movement in Britain and Ireland are to commit to campaigning to re-join the European Union, in the event the United Kingdom does eventually leave.

Steven Agnew MLA, the leader of Green Party Northern Ireland, will join with politicians from the Scottish Greens in signing an agreement that is highly critical of the UK government’s handling of Brexit, particularly on the issue of the border in Ireland.

The principle of Holyrood’s founding is now under threat from a government we didn’t vote for

Ross Greer MSP Fri 2 Mar, 2018

What we witnessed yesterday and on Wednesday in the Scottish parliament, with the introduction of an emergency Continuity Bill, was unprecedented. It’s also immensely complex and worth clarifying why this is genuinely the beginnings of a constitutional crisis.

Since the UK Government introduced their Withdrawal Bill back in July 2017, designed to ensure there is not a colossal black hole in UK law the moment EU law ceases to apply after Brexit, they have been locked in negotiations with both the Scottish and Welsh Governments over its impact on devolution.

Greer challenges delivery company on workers’ safety

Thu 1 Mar, 2018

A food delivery company has been challenged to prioritise workers’ safety by a Green MSP after a driver was spotted snowboarding en route to a delivery point.

Ross Greer MSP has written to Deliveroo asking why it did not suspend its services in all Met Office Red and Amber alert areas, following advice from Police Scotland, Transport Scotland and others that travel should be avoided. A motion has also been lodged in the Scottish Parliament to highlight the risks to exploited workers during severe weather.

Greer condemns Scottish Ministers for supporting Prestwick US military operations

Thu 22 Feb, 2018

Ross Greer MSP, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (22 Feb) condemned Scottish Ministers for their support of government-owned Prestwick Airport’s use as a staging post for US military operations and for the contradictory statements made while trying to avoid scrutiny regarding this position.

Arts organisations right to lose all confidence in Creative Scotland, says Greer

Thu 22 Feb, 2018

Ross Greer MSP, Culture & Media spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, used today's (22 Feb) meeting of Holyrood's Culture Committee to tell the Chief Executive of Creative Scotland that many arts organisations would be right to have lost all confidence in the organisation over its recent round of regular funding grants.

Striking university staff backed by Greens

Thu 22 Feb, 2018

University and College Union members striking from today, in the largest industrial action seen in the university sector for many years, have the full support of the Scottish Greens says an MSP from the party.

Ross Greer MSP, the Scottish Greens’ education spokesperson, also says the proposed changes to staff pensions are wrong and will lead to talent leaving higher education.

Greer, a West of Scotland MSP, said:

Cost of extra infrastructure at Scottish ports caused by Brexit should be paid for by UK government

Sun 11 Feb, 2018

Every penny of the money needed to pay for installing additional infrastructure at Scottish ports, in the event that Britain leaves the Customs Union while Northern Ireland stays in, should be paid for by the UK government, according to a Green MSP

Ross Greer, a West of Scotland MSP, says the physical and digital infrastructure which would be required should not have to be paid for by coastal councils, or the Scottish Government, and that the simplest and cheapest solution is for Scotland and the rest of the UK to stay in the Customs Union and Single Market.