Get Dumfries & Galloway back on track: invest in rail not roads.

Earlier this year, the Tories indicated they had plans to fund dualling of the A75; bypassing the Scottish Government and ignoring the cheaper, lower emission option to reinstate a Dumfries-Stranraer rail line and electrify connecting routes.

Road transport is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland and continued investment over the last decade in road infrastructure has only increased its climate impact. 

Based on experience of similar road projects in Scotland, residents who rely on the A75 can also expect roadworks, diversions and delays for over 15 years during the dual carriageway's construction.

Scottish Greens believe we need to urgently rethink our transport priorities, starting with the communities that need this investment the most.

Dumfries & Galloway’s two largest towns have no connecting rail link and it’s twice as fast to travel to most of the region from the rest of Scotland by car rather than public transport.

Residents in Dumfries and Galloway deserve a genuine choice and we believe the first significant transport investment here in decades should be in rail, not roads.

Take action now and a demand a fast and green railway for Dumfries and Galloway.

As part of the Co-operation deal, the Scottish Greens secured £5bn for investment in railways; now we need to fight unnecessary road expansion and make sure that funding is invested on a rail line that will connect our communities, move freight off our roads and promote sustainable tourism.

The need for new railways and railway upgrades has never been more urgent. 

The Scottish Greens are calling for the Scottish Government to commit to this necessary link as an integral part of its transport planning. 

After so many years of inaction, we need to flood the Transport Secretary’s inbox to show him that we are sick of being overlooked for public transport investment.

Please take action now.


* Images: with thanks to the Re-open the Dumfries-Stranraer Railway Campaign Group @ReopenTheDumfriesStranraerRailway

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