SNP and UK coalition "an unholy alliance" on strike debate

Thu 17 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 17 November 2011

The Green MSPs today condemned the decision by SNP Ministers to ignore representations from public sector staff and unions to close Holyrood during the day of strike action, 30 November, and instead to support the UK Coalition parties' anti-union position.

Patrick MSP said:

"It’s an utterly cynical move, and an abuse of the Scottish Government’s power, to schedule a debate about the strikes so that only MSPs who cross the picket lines are able to take part.

Holyrood urged to close in support of public sector staff

Wed 16 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 15 November 2011

The Green MSPs will today vote against a Holyrood business motion which commits Parliament to meeting on 30 November, the day scheduled for a civil service strike over pension cuts. The party argues that MSPs should be supporting public sector staff both inside and outside Holyrood, and respecting union members' calls for MSPs to join them on picket lines instead.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

SNP vision for Scotland's railways "a third class shambles"

Tue 15 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 15 November 2011

The ideas contained in the SNP Government's Rail 2014 Public Consultation, published today, would represent a significant worsening of rail services in

Greens criticise Holyrood "security theatre"

Tue 15 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 15 November 2011

The Green MSPs criticised plans announced today by the Holyrood authorities for a substantial external security facility for the Scottish Parliament building. The proposals, if the Corporate Body proceed with them, will be costly and pointless, the party argues.

Patrick MSP said:

Greens welcome rejection of Hunterston coal plant

Wed 9 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 9 November 2011

Green MSPs today congratulated campaigners against the proposed coal-fired power station at Hunterston following the decision by North Ayrshire Council to reject the development. The Scottish Parliament has previously voted against this proposal, backing a Green motion on March 18th 2010.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Renewables revelation a challenge to Salmond's plans

Wed 2 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 2 November 2011

Greens today argued that Citigroup's warning to potential developers about investing in Scotland's renewables sector (1) ignores the profitability of the sector and the growing demand for clean energy. The party also reiterated concerns about the SNP's energy policy, which is misleadingly billed as "100% renewable" when they actually want to see as much energy generated from coal, gas or nuclear power as from renewables.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Full debate on booze prices, not half measures

Tue 1 Nov, 2011

For immediate release 1 November 2011

Greens call for end to Holyrood's Twitter ban

Tue 18 Oct, 2011

For immediate release 18 October 2011

Holyrood must not sleepwalk into a welfare crisis

Wed 5 Oct, 2011

For immediate release 5 October 2011

Green MSPs have urged the creation of a clear SNP-Labour-Green alliance to challenge the most damaging aspects of the Westminster Coalition's welfare changes.

In today's welfare debate, the Greens will back a Labour amendment calling for the Parliament to consider rejecting the legislative consent motion on the Welfare Reform Bill, in what would be a constitutionally unprecedented move.*

Patrick Harvie MSP said:


comms Tue 4 Oct, 2011

The fourth session of the Scottish Parliament is now in full swing and Alison Johnstone and I have been doing everything we can to promote the fairer, greener agenda for Scotland that thousands of you voted for back in May.

If you've been following our news releases on this page, you'll have seen some of the areas where we are providing a distinctive Green voice in the Parliament - challenging the consensus of the other parties.