Greens challenge McColl on tax status

Thu 29 Sep, 2011


For immediate release 27 September 2011

Greens today questioned the appearance of Clyde Blowers Chairman Jim McColl before the Scotland Bill committee, arguing that his personal status as a tax exile in Monaco entirely undermines his legitimacy in arguing for lower rates of corporation tax for his Scottish businesses. Jim McColl has been widely reported as paying little or no UK income tax on his fortune, recently estimated at over £800m.*

Concrete trophy projects risk social progress

Wed 21 Sep, 2011

For immediate release 21 September 2011

Greens argued that today's Spending Review constitutes a freeze on social and environmental progress and that misguided spending is sapping money away from crucial budgets on housing and public services.*

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Greens: SNP's ambition falls short

Wed 7 Sep, 2011

For immediate release 7 September 2011

Today's legislative programme announced by SNP Ministers contains some measures welcomed by the Green MSPs, but as a whole the party argues that the First Minister has not gone far enough to protect Scotland's most vulnerable from the austerity measures being imposed by the UK Government, nor to promote a low carbon economy.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Greens welcome same-sex marriage consultation

Fri 2 Sep, 2011

For immediate release 2 September 2011