With independence Scotland can rejoin Europe

The Scottish Greens have responded to a new poll by Panelbase that shows opposition to Brexit has hardened in Scotland, with 69% of Scots polled saying that they would vote to rejoin the EU.

The Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said: 

The people of Scotland overwhelmingly rejected Brexit because we knew that it would be a disaster. And that is exactly what has happened. We can see the impact every day in empty supermarket shelves, in sectors such as farming and hospitality experiencing huge labour shortages and in the cost of everyday items. It has hammered our trade, hurt our exporters and raised prices for all of us during a cost of living crisis.”

“And what was it all for? An empire-revivalist Tory fantasy and some blue passports?”

“The reality is that Brexit was never going to work, especially not when it was being delivered by a reckless and incompetent Tory government which has been more than happy to fan the flames of prejudice and xenophobia to cover up for its many failures and shortcomings."

"Scotland's future can still be in Europe, and next year's referendum will allow us to leave Boris Johnson's failed Brexit behind and rejoin the EU as an independent member state.”