Wildlife protection bill will be a huge step forward for Scotland’s nature

We are protecting Scotland's iconic wildlife.

The Scottish Greens have hailed new laws which will protect birds of prey and Scotland’s iconic natural landscapes from abuse or harm. 

The Scottish Government's Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill, which is being scrutinised by the Rural Affairs and Island Committee today as part of its passage through parliament, will be a huge step forward for Scotland’s nature.

The bill is part of the Bute House Agreement, which took Scottish Greens into government for the first time.

The Scottish Greens rural affairs spokesperson, Ariane Burgess MSP, said: “This bill will be a huge step forward for Scotland’s iconic nature and landscapes. 

“It will allow us to curb wildlife crime and cruel blood sports by introducing much-needed protections that the Scottish Greens and environmental groups have long called for. 

“It can finally see a ban on the use of snares, which trap and injure animals, and which Scottish Greens have long-campaigned to be outlawed. 

“In addition, it can put much needed limitations on the practice of setting fire to the moors on peatland soils, which is unnecessary and bad for our climate and our wildlife. 

“Our hills and wildlife are world renowned and must be celebrated. This bill will play a crucial role in protecting them and in ensuring their management serves local communities and our environment.”

The bill has already won support from respected organisations and campaigners including  RSPB Scotland, OneKind, the Scottish Raptors Study Group and Revive.