Wildlife Protection Bill a momentous step forward for Scotland’s nature

We must protect Scotland's iconic landscapes and wildlife.

The Scottish Greens have hailed the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill, passed by the Scottish Parliament today, which they say will deliver for Scotland’s wildlife and uplands for generations to come.

The bill, which will deliver new protections for Scotland’s wildlife and landscapes, is a key part of the Bute House Agreement, which took Scottish Greens into government for the first time.

Among the measures introduced by the Bill are:

  • New powers for the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Tougher restrictions on the use of inhumane wildlife traps 
  • A full ban on snares
  • Restrictions on muirburn to address the climate emergency 

The party’s rural affairs spokesperson, Ariane Burgess MSP, said: “This is a momentous step forward for our landscapes and nature and in bringing Scotland’s wildlife management into the 21st century. 

“For far too long, shameful wildlife crimes have gone unpunished because of the difficulties faced by the police to gather evidence to secure prosecutions. 

“This Bill will help to address that and ensure that perpetrators think again. It will help us to curb wildlife crime and cruel blood sports by introducing much-needed licensing schemes and the powers to enforce them. 

“The action we are taking against snares and inhumane traps and to restrict muirburn are the mark of the high regard our country has for wildlife and their habitats.

“Scotland’s nature is world renowned and must be enhanced and celebrated. This Bill will play a crucial role in protecting our peatlands and their role in securing a safer climate for future generations. 

“This progress could not have been achieved without the tireless work of stakeholders from across animal welfare and environmental organisations. Today’s Bill is a tribute to their work.”