We pledge investment in Additional Support Needs

Scottish Greens today (6 April) promised to push for investment in Additional Support Needs (ASN) provision in schools, following cutbacks under the SNP.


The Greens' education priorities are reducing class sizes and teacher workload, as well as giving protection to ASN posts, in recognition of their role in closing the attainment gap between children from different backgrounds. Children with additional support needs are more likely to come from less advantaged backgrounds.


Isla O'Reilly, education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for the Highlands and Islands, said:


"Fewer than one in ten teachers and lecturers are satisfied with their workload. Teachers at breaking point cannot provide quality learning environments for young people. 


"While the SNP have prioritised additional testing, egged on by Labour and the Tories, the Scottish Greens are clear that teachers already know what their pupils need and that is time and attention, rather than more tests. Smaller class sizes would allow for more individual support, giving all students a better opportunity to learn.


"As cuts to local government have bitten hard, additional support needs provision has been sacrificed. Greens believe the best teachers should be encouraged to help young people who need it most, so we support calls for Support for Learning to be a promoted post to make it an attractive career choice."