We'll keep fighting for Additional Support Needs & local democracy

Scottish Green MSPs tonight (30 Nov) pledged to keep up the fight to reverse cuts to Additional Support Needs in schools and end the centralisation of public services, after leading two Holyrood debates on the issues.

In the debate on Additional Support Needs, SNP and Conservative MSPs voted to remove the Green call for a Scottish budget that raises additional revenue to invest in local education priorities.

In the debate on Local Democracy, SNP and Conservative MSPs voted to remove the Greens' endorsement of the cross-party Strengthening Local Democracy report.

Ross Greer MSP said:

"This debate on Additional Support Needs shows the Scottish Greens are determined to push the issue up the agenda. The cuts to staffing as demand is rising must be addressed, otherwise we risk a lost generation, as experts have warned.

"As we approach local government elections, voters will want to know where the parties stand on fully funding our councils to reverse the cuts in our schools. Today's debate shows that the Greens are pushing hard to raise more money fairly to protect and improve local services, while others are reluctant to act."

Andy Wightman MSP said:

"This debate has set the tone for a bigger conversation that this Parliament needs to have. Councils have little power to respond to local needs, and we cannot continue with such a centralised system. We need to strengthen local democracy.

"All parties endorsed the Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy report in 2014, so the actions tonight of SNP and Conservative MSPs in killing the Greens' motion inviting Parliament to endorse the same report is deeply disappointing. By bringing this debate, Greens have shown how committed we are to reviving true local democracy and bringing power to the people, while others are content to pay lip service."