WASPI women must have justice

The WASPI women deserve fair and fast compensation.

WASPI women must have fair and fast compensation, says Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman. Speaking in a Scottish Government debate on WASPI: Women Against State Pension Inequality, Ms Chapman called on the UK government to act quickly and prevent any more damage.

Ms Chapman began her speech by saying: “Every 13 minutes, a WASPI woman dies. Every 13 minutes, a woman, who might have lost several years’ worth of her pension – maybe as much as £42,000 – dies without justice.”

Reflecting the impact on WASPI women, Ms Chapman added: “Many of the women affected started working before equalities legislation came into place in the 1970s. Many were forced to leave work if they got married. And many didn’t get maternity pay if they had children.

“Older women are often not able to find appropriate jobs, and many cannot work as they are carers for other family members. 

“The WASPI women have been subjected to systematic discrimination. And the pension fiasco is just the latest example.”

Ms Chapman concluded: “We should all be able to stand in solidarity with WASPI women – our mothers, sisters, carers, neighbours, friends – in their fight for justice.

“I am pleased to reaffirm my and the Scottish Greens’ unwavering support for the WASPI campaign. We believe the WASPI women should have fair and fast compensation. We urge the UK Government to act, and act quickly, to prevent any more damage to WASPI women.”