Universal Basic Income with Indy vote

With independence we can build a far fairer and better social security system.

An independent Scotland can build a far fairer and more equal society, with a positive vision for social security with care and compassion at its heart, says Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman, who is the Party’s social security spokesperson, said that independence would allow Scotland to reverse Tory cuts and austerity and introduce a Universal Basic Income to provide everyone with a guaranteed income that would offer security and dignity.

Ms Chapman’s comments came on the launch of the newest paper in the Scottish Government’s Building a New Scotland series – Social Security in an independent Scotland.

Ms Chapman said: “The cruel attack on what was left of the social security system is one of the most shameful legacies of this Tory government. They have decimated an already fragile system and knowingly and purposely punished some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

“We have tried to do things differently in Scotland, with the child payment and the mitigation of the cruel benefit cap and the bedroom tax. But we shouldn’t just be offsetting Tory cuts. With independence we can build a far fairer and better country where people are born into better opportunities and can age with security and stability.

“Independence would allow us to ensure a real living wage for all and introduce a Universal Basic Income. This would allow everyone to live with dignity and remove so much of the stigma and anxiety that comes from poverty and the current benefits system.

“The cost of living crisis - or cost of greed crisis - that we are living through was not created overnight. It is the result of years of failure and an uncaring approach to politics that puts the needs of a small wealthy few ahead of the wellbeing of millions of people. 

“Labour is offering more of the same, and is barely proposing to do anything different. They would even keep the two child benefit cap. We can do better than more years of brutal austerity and pain delivered with a red rosette.

“With independence we can build a far more equal society that treats people with respect and humanity.”