Universal Basic Income can be cornerstone of fairer, greener and independent Scotland

A Universal Basic Income can be crucial to building a fairer, greener economy.

A Universal Basic Income can be a cornerstone of the wellbeing economy in an independent Scotland, says the Scottish Greens social security spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP.

Ms Chapman will make the case for it in her speech as part of a Scottish Government debate on Building a New Scotland - Social Security in an Independent Scotland.

A Universal Basic Income is a mechanism that would provide everyone with a guaranteed income that would offer security and dignity.

In her speech, Ms Chapman will say: “A Universal Basic Income, paid to all, with extra support for those who need it, opens opportunities for a fairer, safer and happier future. It trusts each of us to follow our best path, to work, care and create, to develop ideas, enterprises and communities. 

“Along with other policies including fair work and pensions and a radical Just Transition, a Universal Basic Income could be a cornerstone of the wellbeing economy we are longing to create.  

“In an independent Scotland we can do things differently. Indeed, it is why we want it at all. And how we see social security, how we work towards its transformation, shows the world the kind of Scotland we want to be.”