Two-child benefit cap one of cruellest Tory legacies - it must be scrapped

The Tories have plunged vulnerable people and families into poverty.

The two-child benefit cap is one of the most punishing and cruel legacies of this terrible UK Tory government, say the Scottish Greens.

The Party’s social security spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, has demanded any future government should abolish the cap and build a fairer and more humane social security system based on dignity, hope and solidarity.

Ms Chapman’s comments come as the PM, Rishi Sunak, has confirmed that the Tories will keep the policy in place if they win the next UK election. 

The Child Poverty Action Group has said that removing the cap would lift 250,000 children out of poverty.

Maggie Chapman said: “The two-child benefit cap and associated rape clause is one of the most punishing and cruel legacies of 14 years of terrible Tory misrule. It has penalised a lot of the most vulnerable people and has plunged hundreds of thousands of children and families into totally avoidable poverty. 

“The Prime Minister can’t claim ignorance. He knows all about the devastating impact that the cap is having. So does Sir Keir Starmer, and it is shameful that he has not pledged to abolish it.

“We could be months away from having a Labour government. I hope that they will seize the opportunity to create a fairer and system based on human dignity, solidarity and providing hope, security and relief to people who need it. The first step they can take is committing to scrapping the cap for good.

Ms Chapman added: “The Scottish Greens have used our influence in Scotland to help in building a more humane system, with the expansion of the groundbreaking Scottish Child Payment, free bus travel for young people and action to mitigate brutal benefit cuts. These are all important changes that Labour should commit to replicating across the UK, but they are not enough.

“With the powers of independence there is so much more that we could do to end Westminster’s attacks on social security. 

“Child poverty is not inevitable. It is a moral disgrace, and we must use every power we have to end it.”