Trans rights are not safe with the UK Government

The UK government's plans for schools to 'out' trans pupils to their parents must be stopped.

UK government proposals for schools in England to ‘out’ trans pupils to their parents have been slammed by the Scottish Greens. 

The party’s equalities spokesperson Maggie Chapman has blasted the plans, saying:

“This is a nasty, bigoted and utterly irresponsible proposal that will have a devastating impact on vulnerable young trans people.

“The Tories clearly don’t care about the consequences. It is part of their shameful and reactionary culture war that they use to distract from their numerous failings. It is lifted from the exact same playbook that led to Section 28 and years of totally avoidable misery for a whole generation of young people.

“The fact that it comes at the same time as the publication of a recording of Rishi Sunak mocking trans people tells us everything we need to know about the Tories and what they stand for.

“Time and again the UK Government has shown that it cannot be trusted to respect the rights of trans people. It will scapegoat them, demonise them and punish them just for existing.

“That hostility is what underpins this and their anti-democratic decision to block Gender Recognition Reform.

“With Scottish Greens in government we will never allow a policy like this to be implemented. We will oppose it every step of the way and will always stand in support and solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ communities.”