Tory budget a disaster for Scotland

Tory cuts are having a disastrous impact on Scotland.

Responding to the Tory Budget, Scottish Greens finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said: “This budget is another Tory-inflicted disaster for Scotland. It continues the fourteen years of pain and cuts to essential public services forced on us all by Westminster.

“They have knowingly slashed Scotland’s construction budget in particular and are offering absolutely nothing to reverse this, despite the Scottish Government making clear that any additional money provided would go straight into affordable housing.

“The trumpeted extra £300m for health is actually a cut, because some of the funding provided for this year has been removed from next year at the same time.

“Extending the windfall tax on oil and gas company profits by another year isn’t unwelcome, but with the ridiculous 90% relief still in place for companies who agree to drill for more fossil fuels it's largely meaningless.

“This is being paired up with even more attacks on immigration despite it being an essential ingredient to get our economy out of Westminster's recession.

“Cutting capital gains tax on property sales is the very definition of a tax cut for the wealthy. Announcing it at the same time as confirming huge cuts to public services is a clear example of how Westminster exists to serve the interests of the rich.

“The Tories are finishing their time in government as they began, with pain for most people and handouts to their wealthy friends. 

“The last fourteen years could have been so different if Scotland had the power to shape its own future rather than being stuck with a cast of five Prime Ministers from a party we have rejected at the ballot box time and again. Public service cuts, Brexit, Liz Truss, Scotland voted for none of it.

“By far the most positive thing about this budget is that it will surely be the last that Mr Hunt gives as Chancellor.”