Tories must come clean on Westminster power grab

The Tories are intensifying their anti-devolution power grab.

The Tories must come clean on why their so-called Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill singles out the Scottish Parliament for attack, say the Scottish Greens.

The new legislation would allow the Westminster government to override and rewrite decisions made by the Scottish Parliament and Government, even if MSPs object, but does not give them the same power over Wales or Northern Ireland.

The wording of the Bill says that UK Ministers will need to “obtain the consent of” ministers in Wales and Northern Ireland for any changes, but that they only need to “consult” Scottish Ministers.

The Scottish Greens constitutional spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP said:

“The Tories are constantly stepping up their attacks on Scottish democracy, using the smokescreen of Brexit to give Westminster new powers over the Scottish Parliament, sadly often with the complicity and support of the Labour Party. 

“Their recent blocks on decisions made by MSPs are a democratic outrage and show total contempt for Scotland but those powers applied equally across the UK, at least in theory. Now we know they are singling out Scotland for attack, undoubtedly because our progressive government has shown the most resistance to the Tories’ own damaging policies.

“This power grab must be stopped. It is a key test for every party and politician that claims to care about Scottish democracy.”

“This bill makes it clearer than ever that the change Scotland needs can’t come from Westminster. We deserve better than to be fighting constant defensive battles against the arrogant elites in Downing Street, whichever party they come from."