Supporting our care staff is utterly vital, say Scottish Greens

The new deal is a step towards further support the Scottish Greens are calling for in the sector

The announcement that the Scottish Government is raising the wages of adult social care and childcare staff to at least £12 an hour across the sectors has been as a huge boost for workers. 

The Scottish Greens say the increase - which will apply to those working for public, charity or private employers - is particularly needed during the ongoing Tory driven cost of living crisis. 

Scottish Greens · Gillian Mackay reacts to raising wages of adult social care and childcare staff

Scottish Green health spokesperson Gillian Mackay MSP said:

“The job that our care workers do is utterly vital and means a huge amount to service users and their families. 

“They provide invaluable support for all of us and the people who we love. I saw first hand the impact that care staff had in enhancing my grandpa’s life. It is an impact that many of us will recognise. 

“We need to show them that same support, especially in a Tory-inflicted cost of living crisis that is seeing wages stretched and costs soaring. 

“This is a welcome and important step forward and we will continue to support our care workers and work with people across the sector to deliver a pay level and conditions that recognises the incredible work that they do every single day.”

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