Ending brutal and inhumane conversion practice will set vital precedent

Scottish Greens have reiterated their commitment to a ban


Scotland will set a “vital” precedent and protect the rights and lives of LGBTQIA+ people and communities across our country by introducing a watertight ban on all conversion practices, say the Scottish Greens.

The Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, delivered today, has committed to publish a consultation on proposals for legislative change by the end of 2023.

It is a major step forward to delivering the ban - a key pledge of the cooperation agreement that first brought the Scottish Greens into government. 

Scottish Greens equalities spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“Conversion practices are brutal and inhumane. They are a form of violence and they have no place in a progressive or inclusive society.

“Nobody should be told that they should be ashamed of their sexuality or that they have to apologise for who they are. Yet that is what is happening to people in communities all across our country.

“We have seen a disgraceful culture war waged against our trans community in particular. There has been a sea of abuse on social media and a sharp increase in hate crimes.

“That’s why we need a watertight ban on conversion practices. We have the power to ensure to do justice for survivors and ensure that nobody else has to suffer from these appalling practices.

“By taking action we can protect and extend the rights of LGBTQIA+ communities and set a vital precedent for other governments across the UK and beyond.”


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