Supermarkets must take action on disposable vapes ahead of ban

Disposable vapes are bad for young people and our environment.

Retailers have a responsibility to take action ahead of the forthcoming ban on disposable vapes, says Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay, who has led calls for action on health and environmental grounds.

Speaking after a statement on tackling youth vaping by the Minister for Public Health and Women’s Health, Jenni Minto, Ms Mackay called for retailers to take steps by removing disposable vapes from sale and providing recycling facilities.

The ban on disposable vapes in Scotland will begin on April 1 2025. Statistics show that around a quarter of 15 year olds have tried vaping.

Following the statement, Ms Mackay said: “The ban on disposable vapes will be a really important step forward for public health and our local environments.

“Disposable vapes are far too widely available, and it is young people and our communities who are paying the price. Big Supermarkets and retailers don’t need to wait for the legislation before they do the right thing. There are steps they can be taking here and now.

“Every retailer and business should ask themselves if they really want to continue contributing to the problem. Why are they selling these damaging products that are harming young people and littering our high streets?

“I hope that retailers will consider their role and lead the change. There is no justification for the damage they do and the totally avoidable levels of waste they produce. That is why I have worked with health campaigners and local activists to push for them to be banned.

“If retailers aren’t prepared to stop the sales then I urge them to at least put them behind shutters, like they do with cigarettes, while providing recycling facilities and stopping the sale of some of the fruity flavours that are clearly aimed at children.”


Following the statement by the Minister for Public Health and Women’s Health, Gillian Mackay asked:

“I’ve been campaigning on this very issue alongside parents, young people, clinicians, health charities and the Daily Record. They are all pleased at the announcement that we will ban single use vapes, and I want to thank them for their support. 

“Before the ban comes into place we need to reduce the potential harm to young people’s health, some of that can be done by retailers themselves. 

“Would the Minister join with me and those campaigners to look at how we can quickly get products behind cover and encourage all retailers that consider themselves to be responsible retailers to put these behind cover now voluntarily.”

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