Sunak hateful trans jibe shames office of Prime Minister

Trans rights are human rights.

The Prime Minister is treating the rights and lives of trans people as a punchline, say the Scottish Greens.

The comments from the party’s equalities spokesperson, Maggie Chapman, follow the Prime Minister’s shocking comments about trans rights at PMQs today.

Ms Chapman said: “This is just horrific from Rishi Sunak. These are disgraceful comments that would have been totally inappropriate at any time, but to say it today of all days and double down on it has shown a totally callous disregard for the impact of his words.

“Across the country there are trans people who are hurting, and who are feeling anxious and scared, and the most powerful politician in the UK is treating their lives and their wellbeing as a punchline. 

“The Prime Minister should of course apologise, but more than that, he should consider his own role, and that of his government, in whipping up an anti-trans culture war which fuels the kind of bigotry and hate crimes that are so prevalent.

“On Monday he was joking about deporting refugees and today he is mocking trans people. Doesn’t he have any decency or dignity? He is shaming his office and peddling prejudice when he should be bringing people together.”

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