Suella Braverman must resign

The Home Secretary has fuelled hatred against peace protesters.

The Home Secretary must resign following the shameful far-right disruption to Remembrance Day that she and her Tory colleagues have encouraged, say the Scottish Greens. 

The Party's justice spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, said:

“The shameful scenes and  disruption we have seen today are a direct result of the smears and misinformation that has been amplified and spread by the Home Secretary and her colleagues. It is a disgrace of their own making.

“Suella Braverman has knowingly fuelled division and hate by recklessly demonising pro-Palestine protesters and those of us who are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. In doing so she has encouraged far right thugs and put people at risk.

“She is totally unfit for office. In her short and disastrous tenure she has doubled down on the racist hostile environment against migrant communities, spoken of her dreams of deportations to Rwanda and even tried to stop homeless people from using tents. 

“If the Home Secretary had any dignity she would resign, and if the Prime Minister wasn’t so weak he would sack her.”