Smaller classes are vital if we're to improve the quality of education

Ross Greer MSP, Education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (13 Dec) condemned the Scottish Government's "bizarre" priorities after "experimental" league-table statistics for schools were published and as figures showed a continued increase in class sizes.

The average class size is now 23.5, up from 23.4 last year and 22.5 in 2010. 

The Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Experimental Statistics lists how well primary and secondary schools are said to be doing in reading, writing, listening & talking and numeracy but the report itself warns that each school takes a different approach and that direct comparisons should not be made.

Ross Greer, Education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for West of Scotland, said:

"Today's figures demonstrate the utterly bizarre education priorities the Scottish Government has. We see class sizes continue to creep up, making them the highest they've been since the SNP formed the Government and 9 years after they promised to reduce them to 18. More teachers and smaller classes are vital if we're to improve the quality of education. 4,000 teachers have been cut since 2007, with Additional Support Needs staff bearing the brunt. 

"While other parties have pushed the Scottish Government down the road of standardised assessments, Greens have been clear in calling for teachers to be given time to teach. Instead we see deeply flawed league-tables being published that can only increase stress for parents, pupils and teachers.

"The Education Secretary will doubtless point toward his proposed reforms but talk of governance changes is a complete distraction and in any case, it’s the wrong kind of change being proposed. The real priority should be raising the money needed to fully fund our local councils so they can get on and deliver what our schools really need."