Scottish Greens call on Keir Starmer to act quickly to compensate WASPI women

Fast and fair compensation is needed for WASPI women.

WASPI women must have fair and fast compensation. That is the message from Scottish Greens MSP, Maggie Chapman, in a letter to the new Prime Minister.

In the letter to the Prime Minister, the Scottish Greens social security spokesperson said:

“You will know that women born in the 1950s have been unfairly treated by accelerated changes to the State Pension age and that these changes were not adequately communicated to them.

“You will also be aware of the recommendations of the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman’s report from March this year instructing the UK Government to apologise to the women affected and administer a compensation plan without delay.

“I urge you to honour the promises that many Labour MPs made to women during their election campaigns and deliver a fast and fair compensation plan.

“This is about justice: for the women directly affected, their families and communities.

“Every 13 minutes, a WASPI woman dies. Every 13 minutes, a woman, who might have lost several years’ worth of her pension – maybe as much as £42,000 – dies without justice or equality. You have the chance to put this right. Please do.”

Full letter available here: