Scottish Green MSP hails 127th annual STUC Congress

The STUC has been instrumental in winning rights for workers across Scotland.

Scottish Green MSP for North East Scotland, Maggie Chapman, has warmly welcomed trade union delegates from across Scotland to Dundee through a motion in the Scottish Parliament.

The 127th annual STUC Congress began on Monday 15 April 2024 with the theme "Workers Winning Together", focusing on benefits of workers organising and standing in solidarity with one another.

The congress represents the largest gathering of trade unionists from throughout Scotland and beyond, with the STUC representing of over 550,000 workers in the country.

Maggie Chapman MSP said: “I am pleased to welcome the 127th STUC Congress to Dundee. This great city has a long history of workers solidarity. It is currently undergoing a cultural and economic revival, so it is vital that workers not be left behind during this process. Only by organising and standing together can we ensure that workers reap the rewards of their own work, both here and further afield.

“Whether that is Living Rent organising tenants in the push for rent controls, the FBU fighting to secure decontamination facilities for our firefighters, or workers blocking the delivery of arms to Israel, trade unionists are showing that solidarity is not a mere slogan.

“Workers can and will deliver a better world by working and winning together.”

The STUC have stated that workers throughout the country have secured over £4.4 billion worth of pay and pensions deals over the past two years.

Commenting STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said: “We’re grateful to Maggie for both highlighting our Congress and being a consistent champion of workers’ rights in the Scottish Parliament.

“Our Congress has made clear that our movement won’t accept scraps from the table. We have shown that through collective action, workers have won over £4.4 billion worth of pay and pension rises when they needed it most.

“We will continue to demand more from both the Scottish and UK Government to help workers navigate the cost-of-living crisis, building a more progressive nation with fair work at its core.”