Scottish Green Co-leaders decline Royal invitation

Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie have declined their invitations to a Royal ceremony.

The co-leaders of the Scottish Greens, Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie, have declined invitations to a special ceremony taking place in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

The ceremony, which will take place in St Giles, will see King Charles presented with ‘the honours of Scotland.’ The day is also reported to include a Royal Procession, a 21-gun salute, and a flypast by the Red Arrows.

While the formal ceremonies are taking place, Mr Harvie will be speaking at a rally held by anti-Monarchy campaign group Our Republic, which will take place outside the Scottish Parliament from 13:00.

Ms Slater said:

“In 21st Century Scotland, the Monarchy is nothing to celebrate. It is an out of date and undemocratic institution. How can we justify a system that allows one family to enjoy so much unearned wealth and privilege at a time when millions of people have so little?

“Scotland can be a modern and democratic republic with an elected and accountable head of state. I want every child in Scotland to know they live in a genuine democracy and that they can achieve the highest office, regardless of which family they come from.”

Mr Harvie said:

“There are many people in Scotland who regard the monarchy as a tiresome spectacle and a symbol of values we don’t hold. 

“I will be proud to speak at the Our Republic rally and to stand with others who want to build a more democratic society where power and wealth belongs to the people rather than being passed down as an inheritance. 

“That is just one reason why I support Scottish independence. It will give us the opportunity to ask the big questions about how we are ruled and to build a fairer and more equal society.”