Scotland must seize opportunities of green economy to undo Westminster’s climate chaos

A green and just transition can build a fairer, greener and brighter future.

Only a green and Just Transition can propel Scotland to a fairer and sustainable future, says the Scottish Greens economy spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP. 

Speaking in a Scottish Government Debate on Investing in Scotland’s Green Economy, Ms Chapman will call for governments to work together to seize the significant opportunities offered by a Just Transition.  

Ms Chapman will open her speech by saying: “The just transition we need is not just an energy transition. It is a transformation of our economy, and our society. 

“This transformation is vital to creating communities that are fairer, healthier, more empowered and more prosperous, and to ensure our planet remains liveable for humans and other species for generations to come.

Highlighting the vast opportunities offered by a green transition, and some of the crucial work already underway, Ms Chapman will say: “The need to shift away from oil and gas is clear, it also presents us with significant opportunities. 

“We’ve seen a substantial increase in jobs within the renewables sector – more than half in 2021 alone – and the potential for many more secure, well paid, highly skilled jobs in energy, agriculture, nature, construction and transport.

Ms Chapman will underline the severe limitations of devolution and the impact of climate-wrecking decisions made in Westminster:  “The UK Government’s failure to match the ambition and action taken by the US and EU in their respective Inflation Reduction Act and Green New Deal is a major barrier to progress. 

“It constrains our ability to rise to the challenges we face, to deal with the climate crisis and build the new society, with care, equality and opportunity at its heart, and to secure Scotland’s place as a world leader – with all the advantages that affords – in our just transition journey. 

Reflecting on the forthcoming Green Industrial Strategy, Ms Chapman will say “This strategy must be more than a plan: it has to be a commitment to identifying and channelling actions to take advantage of the most significant economic opportunities for Scotland – in energy, manufacturing, housebuilding, food production and more

Ms Chapman will call for Aberdeen and the North East Region she represents to be the driver of Scotland’s green future: “I pay tribute to the excellent work of the Just Transition Lab at Aberdeen University as a model of interdisciplinary working that brings together the kind of social, environmental and economic understanding we need to replicate across government and wider society."

In finishing, Ms Chapman will say: “The time for decisive action is now. Together, we must propel Scotland towards a future that is not only fair, sustainable, and green but also mindful of our environment and human well-being.”