Scotland must resist Tory attempts to put brakes on 20mph safe speed limit

20mph limits make for safer streets and communities.

Scottish Greens transport spokesperson Mark Ruskell has hit out at Tory attempts to slow down the roll-out of a 20mph speed limit.

The outgoing Tory Government's manifesto plan includes regressive moves for a so-called Backing Drivers Bill which would hold them up with red tape and endanger their introductions altogether. 

That is despite data just released in Wales that shows they have already reduced the number of road casualties by hundreds.

They have also slashed insurance payouts by 20%, according to industry experts.

Mr Ruskell today urged the Scottish Government to use all of its powers to resist any UK Government attempts to scupper the 20mph roll-out in Scotland, and secured a commitment from the Cabinet Secretary for Transport that there would be no watering down of plans to improve road safety in Scotland.

Commenting further, Mr Ruskell said: “The picture emerging in Wales of the impact of 20mph roads is clear – slower speeds in built up areas has dramatically reduced collisions and cut casualties.

“But the Conservatives seem to care so little about road safety, that they’re promising a new ‘Backing Drivers Bill’ to roll back on new 20mph limits.

“So today’s reassurance from the Cabinet Secretary that a 20mph roll out across the whole of Scotland will happen by next year is incredibly important.

“Slower speeds save lives. I look forward to more communities across Scotland having safer streets for all.”

Transport Secretary Fiona Hyslop welcomed his question and committed to ensuring essential funding is there to help councils roll out the scheme including a national communications campaign.