Scotland can lead the UK by banning disposable vapes

It's time to end the sale of disposable vapes.

It’s time for Scotland to lead the change across the UK by banning the sale of disposable vapes and taking action to stop vaping companies from targeting children, say the Scottish Greens.

The party’s health spokesperson Gillian Mackay has welcomed the publication of a Scottish Government commissioned report into the impact of disposable vapes.

The report proposes a series of options including a full ban on the sale of disposable vapes.

This week Ms Mackay convened a roundtable on the issue with MSPs, health experts and campaigners who backed the call for a ban.

Ms Mackay said:

“Disposable vapes are a modern day scourge with many unknown risks for people’s health and for young users in particular. They are also cluttering our high streets and having a real and profoundly harmful impact on our environment.

“Scotland can lead the change across the UK by stopping these companies from targeting children and from banning the sale of disposable vapes for good.

“The advice from experts, medical professionals, councils and campaigners is clear. A ban is a necessary and obvious step to ensure generations of young people don’t suffer future harm.

“I am glad that so many people are uniting around the call for change.

“We are already seeing real progress with big name stores already starting to take responsible and proactive action. We would urge others to follow suit while these measures are considered.”

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