Scotland can diversify the Clyde economy

Responding to Labour leader Kezia Dugdale's confusion on Trident-related jobs in last night's STV interview, Ross Greer, Europe spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for the West of Scotland, said:


"Yet again Labour are totally unable to come to anything like a coherent position on Trident. These weapons of indiscriminate slaughter are not just morally unacceptable, they are financially unjustifiable. With the hundred billion pounds earmarked for their renewal we can not only secure the jobs currently tied to Trident, we can build a vibrant new economy on the Clyde, create high-quality, long-lasting jobs in the real economy and still have tens of billions to spare.


"Scottish Greens are proud to have brought about Holyrood's first vote against the nuclear weapons system, and we are equally proud of our opposition to the NATO nuclear club. With more Green MSPs we can ensure broad opposition to Trident, and advance a bold plan for diversification of our economy and investment in the jobs of the future."