Sarwar’s U-Turn on proportional representation a “betrayal of democracy” say Greens

Scotland and the UK need electoral reform

The Scottish Labour leader has changed his tune on electoral reform less than two years after his party called for change at Westminster.

Thursday's general election showed that the First Past the Post voting system does not produce a fair or equal result for constituents.

The Scottish Greens campaigned on introducing a proportional voting system in their 2024 General Election manifesto.

Scottish Greens MSP, Maggie Chapman said:

“Labour must not turn its back on electoral reform just because it has benefited from the system this time. To do so would be a total betrayal of democracy.

“Voters across Scotland and the UK have, time and again, been let down by this disproportionate system which in too many cases leads to voters being represented by MPs they did not vote for.

“The Scottish Greens want to see a fairer voting system at all levels of elections in the UK, ensuring all levels of government reflect the range of political views that people support.”