Rwanda deportation vote was one of Westminster’s most shameful days

The Rwanda deportation scheme is a reactionary and racist piece of legislation.

This is one of Westminster’s most shameful days for decades, says the Scottish Greens justice spokesperson Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman’s comments come as MPs have voted to support the UK government’s racist Rwanda deportation policy.

Ms Chapman said: “After 13 years it is hard to be shocked by anything the Tories do, but it is truly chilling that MPs would show such a blatant and sickening disregard for the basic rights of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

“This is one of Westminster’s most shameful days for decades. The policy is cruelty personified. It is a nasty bit of Trumpian political theatre that is designed to inflict fear, anxiety and humiliation on people who have already suffered a great deal.

“The MPs who have chosen to back this disgraceful plan will be viewed with contempt by history. 

“Safe routes and humanity are needed more than ever, but the Tories are more concerned with dehumanising gimmicks than international law.

“The Scotland we want to build is a welcoming and progressive one that extends a hand of friendship and solidarity rather than the racist and reactionary fantasies of Downing Street.”