Retailers have a responsibility to crack down on vape sales to children

Retailers must act if we are to stop children and young people from vaping.

Retailers have a key role to play in ending vape sales to children, says the Scottish Greens health spokesperson, Gillian Mackay MSP.

Ms Mackay, who is holding a Members Debate in the Scottish Parliament today, has called for retailers to ensure that vapes are kept behind shutters and away from young eyes like other controlled products.

The Scottish Government is consulting on a possible ban on disposable vapes, but Ms Mackay has challenged retailers to take action in the meantime.

Ms Mackay, who has led calls for a ban, said:

“Far too many young people and children are accessing vapes, which are a clear risk to their health and wellbeing.

“I welcome the Scottish Government’s consultation on a disposable vape ban, but there are important steps that can be taken by retailers in the meantime.

“Do retailers really want to be associated with children smoking vapes? Do they really want to contribute to normalising the sale of products that are clearly marketed to very young people? 

“The big retailers could put vapes behind shutters tomorrow. That would make a huge difference.

“The names and presence of flavours and brightly coloured packaging is attracting children to vaping. 

“There are many issues to tackle to reduce the number of children and young people vaping. I hope that retailers will step up and act responsibly and that the Government will move swiftly with all the powers available to prevent any more young people becoming addicted.”

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