Private tenants in Scotland must not pay the price of UK Government climate u-turns

Climate climbdown will hammer households and families with higher bills.

A decision by the UK Government to scrap minimum energy standards for private tenancies could cost households £8 billion more in higher energy bills over the next decade, according to expert research.

A report by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, predicts that is the colossal cost to millions of private tenants in England who face higher annual energy bills of £315 on average after Rishi Sunak axed the policy in his September statement on climate.

They branded the decision “chaotic” and said it was likely to impact the health of millions of people, mostly the least well off, adding to pressures on health services. 

The Scottish Government has not so far given any indication that it intends to follow the UK Government’s lead and the Scottish Greens say today’s statement by Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants' Rights Patrick Harvie, is an opportunity to take a very different approach. 

Ariane Burgess MSP, Scottish Greens spokesperson for Housing, said: “What the UK Tory Government has done is trap tenants in an otherwise avoidable cycle of fuel poverty by letting landlords off the hook for reasonable improvements to insulation standards.

“The Scottish Greens argue for the complete opposite. We shouldn’t be throwing private tenants into fuel poverty like the Tories, which is why I expect the Green Minister responsible, Patrick Harvie, to stick to plans for minimum energy standards. 

“That will benefit people right across the country including in rural Scotland and elsewhere facing acute challenges, which is why ensuring homes are warmer, greener and healthier has never been more important."

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